rethink in a sentence

Cedric L. Alexander Let’s rethink the idea of a “well regulated militia.”

589715 rethinking the Flemish portrait – Helfman wants to make people think.

Lifford said the city needs to rethink the transportation plan for the area.

When she suffers a tragic fall, her aunt is forced to rethink her stubborness.

It also led countries around the world to rethink their usage of nuclear energy.

DW: You said Europe needs to rethink the idea of reception centers and hotspots.

“Technology allows us to completely rethink how people get their food,” he said.

I am convinced, however bad I am at it myself, that we need to rethink the world.

rethinking stress: The role of mindsets in determining the stress response.

So often the providers, communities have been forced to rethink outdated approach.

And many of those cities that have previously seen sprawl as the answer are rethinking.

So how exactly might his personal journey help us rethink our own philosophies of life?

“If it’s substantial enough then I think they’ll have no option but to rethink and revote.

Suddenly investors who have been buying REITs in lieu of bonds are rethinking that decision.

EquityEats rethinks Its Timeline and Looks to Open Pop-Up Space The e-mail field is required.

After 2020, we must integrate even more, and that will require rethinking the electricity grid.

Scientists rethinking wildfire prevention Fuel modification project before and after treatment.