responsible for in a sentence

Local residents said soldiers were responsible for many civilian deaths.

Russia is directly responsible for opposing fascism.

We are fully responsible for paying shipment costs.

They are responsible for poor health conditions.

Each member is responsible for own posts.

The finished product everyone is responsible for .

He is nonetheless being held responsible for putting things right.

Its councillors were responsible for many public works schemes.

Manufacturing firms are responsible for diligent record keeping.

Individual state health departments are responsible for regulating water quality monitoring.

You are responsible for documenting professional development.

The lava courts were usually responsible for criminal matters.

Those responsible for documented abuses rarely are punished.

Fish farming is responsible for very considerable animal suffering.

All guests are directly responsible for charges incurred.

Human interference has often been responsible for such introductions.

Agencies themselves are generally responsible for enforcement.

Certainly kings were responsible for summoning councils.

The employee is responsible for normal family living expenses.