Resplendent in a sentence

Use Resplendent in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] so beautiful, bright, and shining in appearance;

The children were resplendent in new dresses and bonnets or stiff collars and shiny boots .

The actors wear resplendent costumes , head-dresses , and face paints.

The ladies looked resplendent in ballgowns and cocktail dresses.

While the sky is resplendent with stars at night, morning glow of first rays behind the peaks is heart-warming.

He makes all my club courses look like resplendent masterpieces.

She was resplendent in her pink dress and pink pillbox hat.

The décor is understated ‘ old Germany’, resplendent with fresh flowers .

Barnum ‘s Museum , was , of course , resplendent.

He was resplendent in scarlet coat and white breeches .