Respite in a sentence

use Respite in a sentence

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1. [adjective] A temporary relief from harm;

They are unrecognized refugees without respite from violence.

We were beginning to provide a space for socialization and also a respite from a demanding school day.

Family support enables parents under stress and children in need to have some respite from their disadvantaged circumstances, and to build protective social relationships.

They also provide respite care for a 15-year-old girl with learning difficulties.

Thankfully some respite was had as the rain disappeared in time for the match.

2. [adjective] A break from doing something;

The students took a 10-minute respite after Math lesson.

She drove along the highway, enjoying the time alone, the respite from her busy store.

The meal is meant to be a respite from the intense pace of the Court’s business.

The students actually accomplish more when they take time for short respites from studying.