Resonant in a sentence

Use Resonant in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] (sound) deep, loud, continuing for a long time;

Each bell has its own natural resonant frequency.

Its tone is much deeper and more resonant .

The resonant, terrifying voice of the Emperor emanated from the black throne at the far side of the room.

This permitted the organ to produce deep, resonant bass tones.

He still sang mass with a resonant voice in the lobby.

“Just coming over to meet my new neighbor, ” he replied in a resonant voice.

Still, it is in Syria that the echoes of the 1930s are most resonant.

Then he spoke, and his warm, resonant voice reached out into those open spaces and caressed those open minds.

It gives a resonant cry — it has healthy lungs, despite being born a month or more short of full term.