resilience in a sentence

We must focus on building employee stress resilience .

To focus more international development funding on building future resilience .

Such supply chain resilience is quickly becoming a fundamental requirement.

Reserve component suicide prevention and resilience program.

His powers are enhanced physical strength and resilience .

A related concept to psychological resilience is family resilience.

The main idea is to increase resilience .

This ability to recover is called resilience .

Two key personality traits are openness and resilience .

One popular method of resilience is redundancy.

The solar option actually builds local businesses and community resilience .

The resilience of the scientific community has always been fascinating.

Its resilience is not hard to discover.

Eventually resilience is eroded and illness can ensue.

His sturdy resilience to knocks and setbacks.

Sustainability and resilience truly are the goals.

Equity and social justice are intrinsic to true resilience .