residency in a sentence

But Randy Quaid’s request for permanent residency was denied in 2013.

They have work visas and have been nominated for permanent residency.

Hyde has said he invited into the home to do a routine residency check.

He was one of my mentors at the hospital when I was doing my residency.’

The move comes a week after his initial one-year residency permit expired.

He then withdrew his refugee claim and applied for permanent residency status.

She recently filed for permanent residency with a nomination from her employer.

When he returned, the officer promised, he may even receive a residency permit.

Pyongyang claimed he had permanent residency in the US and lived in New Jersey.

She has applied for permanent residency on “humanitarian and compassionate grounds.”

Bajaj was pregnant when she first filed her application for permanent residency in 2011.

Joo, a South Korean with permanent residency in the U.S., took a semester off to travel.

After a tranquil night at his new home in Boliden, Tareq applied for permanent residency.

Céline Dion ended her Caesars Palace residency last summer to care for her ailing husband.

First, he has two years of residency training in family medicine ahead of him, in Edmonton.

They have allegedly made millions by arranging marriages to get Chinese citizens US residency.

Check out one book or 10. There are no late fees, library card fees, or residency restrictions.

Asked whether residency rights were included, he said the matter “deserves a serious discussion.”

22851 After graduating with the highest honors in 1996, Dr. Frame completed his residency at UCLA.

The fugitive former National Security Agency worker has been granted temporary residency in Russia.

He then accomplished his internship and residency of internal medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center.