reservoirs in a sentence

Possible environmental reservoirs include contaminated water sources.

Areas where the virus is hiding are called reservoirs .

The melt did little to boost reservoirs .

Passive margins are important reservoirs of petroleum.

There are 43 government reservoirs and many more private water sources.

The rest is fed into nearby reservoirs .

Generally these reservoirs are called “saving basins”.

These reservoirs are in turn themselves internally differentiated.

In 1913 Texas had four major reservoirs .

Breeding sites have been either reservoirs or gravel pits.

Fishing the nearby reservoirs extended my interest.

I made reservoirs to water groves of flourishing trees.

Human intestinal bacteria as reservoirs for antibiotic resistance genes.

These reservoirs were enlarged in subsequent years by various rulers.

Recreational water use is mostly tied to reservoirs .

The difficulty is that reservoirs are not uniform.

Pike are more stationary in reservoirs than lakes.

This was based on realistic exchanges between the different carbon reservoirs .

Underground aquifers of hot water and steam are called geothermal reservoirs .

In 1923 the canal’s reservoirs were sold off.

India’s dam reservoirs store only 200 cubic meters per person.

Four large reservoirs were built along the Murray.

Sussex’s largest lakes are man-made reservoirs .

reservoirs are found using hydrocarbon exploration methods.