Reservoir in a sentence

Definition of Reservoir

a big natural or artificial lake used to store water supply;

a large amount of something

Use Reservoir in a sentence

The city’s reservoir is quite depleted this summer because it was such a dry spring.

There is a small artificial reservoir for ducks in the center of the park.

They would often go swimming at a local reservoir although it was dangerous.

There are lots of bird nests in the brush around the reservoir.

Our chief source of fresh water is the rainfall that collects in lakes and reservoirs.

The victim committed suicide by drowning himself in the reservoir.

The park consists of 2 square miles of ancient maple trees and a small reservoir filled with ducks.

The body of the victim was discovered in a reservoir near the murderer’s summer home.

The largest part of a rocket is simply a reservoir for holding the vast amounts of fuel needed to get the rocket past our Earth’s gravitational pull.

Some of the reservoirs in this area have become a little polluted from the geese that crap in them.