Repudiate in a sentence

Use Repudiate in a sentence

Repudiate ;

Meaning: [verb] reject; to show that something is wrong ;

The document repudiated persecution and condemned genocide.

The United States Congress has neither ratified nor repudiated the agreement.

People who repudiate their citizenship for tax reasons are pretty rare.

Battaglia portrays himself as a broken man who has repudiated fascism.

Menelik finally repudiated the treaty: war followed in 1895.

The government decided not to repudiate the old debts.

This idea has been repudiated by some authors.

Moreover, Hitler repudiated the “gentleman’s agreement” and declared that he wanted the Chancellorship for himself.

This approach has been repudiated by Orthodox and Conservative Jews as unrealistic and posing a danger.

The new generation repudiates entirely customary morals, conventions and traditional wisdom.