Reprimand in a sentence

use Reprimand in a sentence


[verb] Rebuke or scold formally;

Brooke had learned, after being reprimanded more than once, to always knock first before coming in.

Top management has been replaced and some employees reprimanded after the scandal.

The private was called before the general, and severely reprimanded for insubordination after questioning an officer’s command.

I waited for her to reprimand me, to tell me once more not to disobey Tom.

She said she had been reprimanded previously for talking to the news media.

An act or expression of criticism, scold or censure;

The words in my head were a reprimand, strong and determined like my mother’s voice.

The teacher gave us a reprimand for not doing our homework.

The reprimand was swift and solid, delivered in a hard tone.

If the House decides on a reprimand, then the written reproof would be placed in the congressional record.