Reprieve in a sentence

Use Reprieve in a sentence

Reprieve ;

Meaning: [noun] a delay before something unwanted or bad happens; postponement of a sentence;

Online buyers will get a temporary reprieve from the sales tax.

The justices rarely issue last-minute reprieves to death-row inmates.

But crude prices won a reprieve after Saudi pledged to work toward oil price stability.

He was reprieved in 1965 and was able to resume his medical career.

After an initial reprieve , the ban was upheld.

No recommendation is made for pardon or reprieve.

One of the 39 condemned prisoners was granted a reprieve .

Martin was grateful for the Saturday weather reprieve .

The momentary reprieve gave the residents a temporary sense of security.

Nine were condemned to death (six reprieved), the rest sentenced to flogging, imprisonment or transportation.

he ship was then obscured by smoke that granted a temporary reprieve .