Reprehensible in a sentence

Use Reprehensible in a sentence

Reprehensible ;

Meaning: [adjective] shameful; very bad ;

The administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina was reprehensible .

I find the behaviour entirely disgusting and reprehensible and totally inexcusable .

Keeping remand prisoners in police stations is another matter and is reprehensible .

The Holocaust is the reprehensible and condemnable crime against humanity.

I find this tactic shameful and reprehensible .

Such conduct is severely reprehensible , and should be stopped.

The whole right wing media machine is truly reprehensible .

The decision to make a child marry an adult is reprehensible .

It is inconvenient when important historical figures hold reprehensible views .

This fact makes human actions all the more reprehensible .

Clinton says the film is ” disgusting and reprehensible .