Repository in a sentence

Definition of Repository

a place or container for storage, often for safety

a book or individual having a lot of info

Use Repository in a sentence

This site provides a repository for articles and papers of particular interest to the web designing.

The website is mainly a repository of funny, pretty, or surreal science stories

My brother is a repository of soccer statistics. He know almost every match score in the last 5 years.

Efforts to create a national repository for high-level nuclear waste failed.

This almanac is repository of important events happened in 2015.

My kitchen table is a repository for all things needed for cooking.

All his money is stored in a single bank’s repository.

It is a digital repository for over 200,000 digital books, essays, and related educational resources available to individuals

CVU is the main repository for web-based higher educational courses in the Glasgow area and is Europe’s first virtual university, founded in 1995.

The library’s primary purpose is to be a repository for archives and artifacts for the public and researchers.