replicas in a sentence

The sports stores really should sell cheap replica soccer jerseys.

Another gallery displays replica historic farmhouse interiors.

The following section contains several strategies for replica placement.

The second system is called the ” replica “.

A reinforced concrete replica was made and placed outside.

The replica achieved a 45 mph top speed.

The replica exchange method is a generalized ensemble.

Gas powered replicas function more like real firearms.

replica is used during the closing ceremonies.

Pen companies introduced replicas with updated workings.

Or alternatively check available authentic replica designer websites. 4.

Here P-40 replicas are nearing completion.

The replica G 2 packaging is amazing.

Then the exact choice is undeniably our replica purses.

Eventually printed replicas of stamps became acceptable to both sides.

Oh and not forgetting 7 coveted silver replicas apiece!

Where can you ship blank firing replica guns too?

Some companies have resorted to selling replicas .

The replica shows details to at least 5 μm resolution.

Arms may be either original or replica .

A plaster replica is displayed instead of the original skeleton.

They are authentic miniature replicas of the latest adult clothes.

These were replaced by replicas in 2013.

The replica has a crew of 80 sailors.

Some contemporary replicas of the 500 model are available.