Replica in a sentence

Definition of Replica

an exact copy, usually a building, a weapon, or a piece of art (if a person : look like very similar)

Use Replica in a sentence

Mark  sent me a photo of his father-in-law’ s model replica of a World War II battlefield.

The monument is a replica of a 260-year-old structure in Sarajevo, Bosnia’s capital.

David  as a child is a replica of his grandfather.

If I had a child, that I would want that child to be a replica of myself.

The Children’s Library is delightful even to adults, featuring a replica T-Rex skeleton named Stan.

The US government bought a replica of the painting for the President’ s House in 1800.

He and his team printed a replica of Samuel Morse’s telegraph.

The gun was a plastic replica of a semi- automatic pistol.

I took  a photo of the exact replica of the Epiphone Casino John Lennon played on Let It Be.

He took the second letter and opened it. It was an exact replica of the first, with the same signature.