renovation in a sentence

The social welfare system is in bad need of renovation.

His estimate for the renovations to our house was $2,250.

I’ll ask Dave to help us with the renovations, he’s pretty handy with a hammer.

The airport has instituted a special tax to offset the cost of renovations to the building.

We had our house reassessed after the renovations, and the value had increased considerably.

The renovations to the building have certainly facilitated access for those in a wheelchair.

The airport has levied a $10 surcharge for every passenger to cover the cost of renovations to the facility.

The contractors have done a fantastic job on the renovations to our house, the place looks even better than we’d expected.

Olson said he’s excited about upcoming renovations at North Thurston.

Its renovation began this spring and was expected to take all summer.

791196 The Royal Mall building is currently undergoing major renovation.

Hardman explained, looking at renovations planned for her northeast home.

726797 The Grand Mosque itself is undergoing an expansion and renovation.

Esten said the costs of renovations or a new stadium are hard to project.

Because of home renovations, the dogs were kept in three different houses.

Kitchen remodeling top homeowner renovation wish lists-and for good reason.

Boomers want to improve their homes through renovations or buying new homes.

After two years of renovations, the Renwick Gallery has officially reopened!

Residents will have to leave their apartments during some of the renovations.

During the renovations, Smartbar installed a system of Funktion-One monitors.

Many steps short of a full kitchen renovation can still make a big difference.

The renovations totaled $10.5 million in 2003, or $13.5 million with inflation.

The institution is undergoing major renovations in time for the new school year.

Other proposed expenditures include: $700,000 for renovations to the City Market.

573167 Proceeds benefit the Aero Theatre’s programming, upgrades and renovations.

Another area where money is needed is renovations of the diocese’s many buildings.

10405 A building under renovations leads me to believe it was a homeless squatter.

If home renovation shows are to be believed, a fixer upper can be the ultimate deal.

But most of the unoccupied units, along with halls and walkways are under renovation.

That money will go toward a number of renovation projects and charitable organizations.

954071 Yes, Aaron Schock will pay for those Downton Abbey-esque renovations in his office.

An emotional experience Nadia says she was moved to tears during the week-long renovation.

Donated funds that surpass what’s needed for the mortgages will go toward home renovations.

She wants people to focus on the good things the renovation will bring to the neighbourhood.

The renovations are expected to cost $26 million and will be paid for by the city and borough.

This modern, five-bedroom home was built in 1973 and underwent a complete renovation last year.

Grace Dawson of the P.E.I. Library Service says it’s not known how long the renovations may take.

The McDonald’s by Southeast Alabama Medical Center is the next location scheduled for renovation.

The franchise sale also facilitated a $43 million renovation of PNC Field in Moosic, officials said.

The fortune of the renovation sector appears to be intrinsically tied to the overall housing market.

On Monday, the grand re-opening of the Sun Valley Lodge will take place after a 10-month renovation.

Trump signed a 60-year lease for the $200 million renovation of the old post office pavilion in 2013.

When you see an area that seems to need major alterations , stop and take stock of the situation carefully before launching into a wholesale renovation.