Remuneration in a sentence

Use Remuneration in a sentence

Remuneration ;

Meaning: [noun] payment for work done;

He selected $999 as his requested remuneration, or the price of eight months worth of Metrocards.

With the current remuneration model, the more medical procedures a doctor carries out, the more he is paid.

Mr Cook’s salary rose to $2m  from $1.4m, and his total remuneration more than doubled to $9.2m in 2014.

Unions say the ruling does not directly deal with remuneration, focussing instead on working hours and conditions.

But employees have to come out of this with decent conditions in terms of remuneration, work, shifts, and overtime pay.

We have published our remuneration policy; you can see what every member of the IOC is getting as an indemnity, he said.

The singers are between the ages of 15 and 25 years and give of their time and talent without remuneration as a form of national service.