Remorseless in a sentence

Definition of Remorseless

cruel, without pity or regret

Use Remorseless in a sentence

The book is the true story of a remorseless Mafia assassin who killed as many as 100 people.

I think it is remorseless to trap animals for fur coats.

Joseph Stalin was a remorseless , ruthless leader responsible for the imprisonment or death of millions of Russians.

The cops are searching for clues to the remorseless murder.

The first client I ever visited was a remorseless psychopath who had stabbed his ex-girlfriend twenty-seven times.

In the movie, Pitt has played  a remorseless serial killer in California.

Soon after the end of World War , people never thought such a hateful and remorseless war would break out again.

The people suffered under the remorseless tyrant.

The enemy was remorseless , and immediately executed any prisoners that were seriously wounded.

The enemy is remorseless , impossible to reason with, and genuinely frightening.