reminisce in a sentence

It’s a time to get all of your friends together and reminisce and to take the friendship to a whole new level – family,” Islami said.

The two still reminisce about the playing days of their youth.

On the day of the finals, the girls reminisce on how they met.

Luke instantly becomes edgy with jealousy as Noah and Maddie reminisce.

The girls reminisce about growing up together through crazy times, like sisters.

634472 Ashley and former O-Town member, Jacob Underwood, reminisce about their stardom.

Angel and Darla reminisce about the night that got them into the whole parent mess in the first place.

When people reminisce about Revere Beach it is not the sand and surf they remember most, but the amusements.

Back in 1947, Allie and Noah go rowing on a nearby lake in the morning and reminisce about their summer together.

The main content of the movie is set up like an award show, where Oderus and Sleazy P. Martini reminisce with montages.

When celebrity guests come on the show, they most often reminisce about their career in general, or are promoting charitable causes.