remembrance day in a sentence

A page is turned in each book every Remembrance Day .

Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked this week.

Remembrance Day and spiritual celebration is on August 15.

A memorial service is held on Remembrance Day every year.

Each November Remembrance Day is marked across the country.

Wearing artificial red poppies has become traditional for Remembrance Day .

The work was completed just days before the Remembrance Day services.

Two of the 16 pages are dedicated to Remembrance Day .

Remembrance Day and Boxing Day are not statutory holidays.

He wore them to the Remembrance Day parade in 1956.

Mark your calendar for the Sunday before Remembrance Day .

To me, that is much more inappropriate for Remembrance Day .

Patch referred to 22 September as his personal Remembrance Day .

Adelaide returned home for a Remembrance Day match against Perth Glory.

Remembrance Day is followed by Liberation Day on 5 May.

In Barbados, Remembrance Day is not a public holiday.

The KAFOCA and Kenyan government recognise Remembrance Day .

Between them they have 90 years of selling Remembrance Day poppies.

In the Netherlands, Remembrance Day is commemorated annually on 4 May.

There is a lack of critical thought surrounding Remembrance Day that worries me.

He attended his alma mater’s graduation and Remembrance Day ceremonies each year.

Whenever the city marked a Remembrance Day , Joyce would be there.

His grave was identified 146 years later on the eve of Remembrance Day 2012.

In 2000, Soviet Occupation Day became a Remembrance Day in Latvia.