remarkably in a sentence

She is remarkably attractive.

Production has remarkably increased.

Flamingos live remarkably long lives – up to 80 years.

remarkably, China has today become a net exporter of rice.

My grandmother is remarkably strong and healthy for a woman over 90.

Political violence aside, there is a remarkably low crime rate in Ireland.

The social system of Iceland is characterized by a remarkably even distribution of income.

Economic growth in Iceland has been remarkably steady over the past five years at 4% to 5%.

If you don’t get in our way any more, I could see my way to letting bygones be bygones.

That’s remarkably geus .



728589 The handset is sleek, stylish, solid and remarkably powerful.

The threshold for harm in herring was remarkably low, Incardona said.

remarkably, the 19-piece big band will get even bigger when it heads south.

In one minute, you have delicious dumplings that are remarkably easy to make.

remarkably, her parents survived concentration camps, and the family reunited.

Wicary tweeted that Bruno seems “remarkably unfazed” after the 24-hour ordeal.

remarkably, Port Harcourt didn’t even appear on last year’s worst airports list.

That is just one of many statistics that show how remarkably warm 2015 has been.

Just ask Bill O’Reilly. 2. For a guy known for irony, he’s been remarkably sincere.

874739 Twenty-one was remarkably gentle”” with the members of his pack, says Rick.”

Her remarkably successful method: a virus that makes women get pregnant with dinosaurs.