Rein in a sentence

Definition of Rein

control, ownership

Use Rein in a sentence

She kept a tight rein on the purse strings.

The president has vowed to consider imposing new taxes to rein in property costs.

He expects to turn the reins over to Ken in seven years when he retires at age 65.

Their father gave them free rein to just one thing, movies.

As a sovereign nation, Greece has had free rein to recklessly spend and borrow, the result of which is its near-bankrupt condition.

I never wanted the job, and I’ll be glad to turn the reins over to a real leader once we find one.

Egypt has said it plans to rein in its budget deficit to 8.5 percent.

The demo company was given full rein to decide on the ads to be prepared.

The elected leader will hold the reins of power for the next decade.

It shows a young Elizabeth on horseback and her father holding the reins. (a band around a horse’s mouth)

The cowboy looped the reins of his horse around the post and went into the bar.