Regicide in a sentence

Definition of Regicide

the killing of a king or queen; the person killing a king or queen

Use Regicide in a sentence

The elder brother had become the emperor through regicide.

All of the regicides were sentenced to death penalty.

We’ve seen this play out. Whether it is a suicide or regicide is the main discussion point.

Plots of regicide were very common in the kingdom.

Lucianus, like Hamlet, is both a regicide and a nephew to the king.

The regicide is the climax of the play and the audience are horrified to see a heroic figure.

Among those planning the regicide were some of Pushkin’s friends.

Macbeth is not sure about committing himself to his wife’s plans of regicide, but Lady Macbeth will prevail.

The article is on the regicide was Thomas, eldest son of Henry, first earl of Stamford.

The Ottoman empire was fatally wounded by two regicides — one in 1622 and one in 1648 — and never regained its power.