Regalia in a sentence

Definition of Regalia

traditional clothes and decorations which people wear or use at official ceremonies or occasions

Use Regalia in a sentence

In the party, he showed up in full Elvis regalia and sang some of his songs.

Tom was dressed in full military regalia.

They exhibit several masterworks, including important regalia used for the practice of prophetic religions.

Most wear a mix of well-worn uniform and civilian attire. Some, particularly officers, are in full regalia.

It begins with a grand parade through town presenting Indian riders in full regalia.

It was a photo of McLaurin in full Dockers regalia, face all serious.

The whole team appeared on Fox News, in their uniform regalia, and stood behind that letter.

A Wearing regalia is historical and symbolic and, like a uniform, serves to indicate to members where they rank in the organisation.

In his regalia for the mutomboko dance, he was literally covered with icons of Lunda kingship.

Wearing Egyptian regalia, complete with headdress, and spiked black boots, the pop superstar launched into her hit “Vogue”.