Reformation in a sentence

Definition of Reformation

changing something completely in order to improve it,

changing something by removing or correcting its faults, problems

Use Reformation in a sentence

He was sent to Shaya prison for reformation.

Justice should mean reformation and not revenge.

A successful reformation of judicial systems could have important implications for many other social problems.

The reformation of the political system in the country caused an economic crises.

Since its recent reformation , Orchestra Baobab has been nominated for Radio 3’s World Music Listeners Award.

It is time to stop the banter about the 2nd Amendment and start the reformation of gun control.

The reformation meant that Rome could no longer control what was thought in many areas of Europe.

There is much in the education system that needs reformation, such as teachers and the number of schools.

Many people living in the former Soviet bloc have become disillusioned by the slow pace of economic reformation following the collapse of communism.

Political reformation is needed in many countries because corruption is so widespread.

There can be no spiritual regeneration till there has been a moral reformation.