Reflective in a sentence

Definition of Reflective

thinking  about something quietly;

surface reflecting light

Use Reflective in a sentence

She lost all his money and walked on in a reflective mood to his house.

Mary is a quiet and reflective girl who does not like talking much.

After her divorce, she was content to have some time to be reflective on her future.

Scott was in a reflective mood by the unusual events of the past few days.

After being reflective of what you said, she changed my mind.

This isn’t an in-depth and reflective study, it’s a first-impressions reaction.

my intent was for students to answer the weekly reflective questions freely.

You should wear reflective clothing when bicycling at night. (surface reflecting light)

The polished wood floors were almost as reflective as the mirrors.

One of my goals is to create a body of political power that is reflective of opinions of the entire community. (showing)

Social media is reflective of society’s more liberal views on social issues.