Reek in a sentence

Definition of Reek

to have or emit a strong, bad smell; stink

a bad unpleasant smell

Use Reek in a sentence

The reek of rotting fish on the beach made me feel sick.

There is a reek  rotting seaweed on the beach when the tide is low.

There was a reek  of cat waste in the old woman’s house.

The store was stuffy;  it reeked of sweat and cologne.

The morning roads were clogged with traffic and reeked of hot fumes.

His tweed jacket with leather elbow patches reeked of pipe smoke.

His breath reeks of garlic and his hands are filthy.

The kitchen began to reek because mom forgot to take out the garbage.

It reeks of plagiarism but it doesn’t matter.

He’s tall and energetic, reeks of cologne, and sports manicured nails and a clean-shaven bronze face.