redundancy in a sentence

Content sharing and collaboration minimizes resource redundancy .

A neck lift addresses neck skin redundancy or deformity.

The greatest concern is power supply availability or redundancy .

This redundancy is called the “double plural”.

One popular method of resilience is redundancy .

The redundancy and checking ability were removed completely.

This means a compressed message has less redundancy .

Often storage redundancy is employed to increase performance.

They were therefore entitled to redundancy payments.

Simply hot swap replacements to restore redundancy without downtime.

Thirty five nurses are also facing redundancy .

There is redundancy at virtually every point .

UP TO 300 leather factory workers are facing redundancy .

This suggests an error correction technique known as redundancy .

Internal product architecture features total redundancy for all data flows.

This means statutory redundancy pay and any applicable contractual redundancy pay.

This means statutory redundancy pay and any applicable contractual redundancy pay.

I especially liked the idea of redundancy .

This bonding mode gives you increased throughput and redundancy .

The redundancy costs are part of the savings.