reduced to in a sentence

The series was reduced to 8 episodes.

After installation contaminants were reduced to target levels.

His force was reduced to five men.

The headway was reduced to 15 minutes.

The sentence was subsequently reduced to four months.

This was reduced to 80 man hours.

They had been reduced to three separate pockets.

The confirmed area was reduced to 24 acre.

This was later reduced to three points.

Fuel economy was reduced to 29mpg.

Housing programmes are reduced to dismal levels.

Fully automatic fire is reduced to around 460 rounds per minute.

The suspension was later reduced to 2 matches.

The award was later reduced to nine hundred thousand dollars.

The charge was later reduced to manslaughter.

In 2006 conscription was reduced to six months total.

The soldiers were soon reduced to partial rations.

The dividend is reduced to 4p per share.

The main risks concerning hardware are thus reduced to logistics .

The hind wings are reduced to tiny knobs.

The vegetative season has been reduced to 170 days.

The crowd was reduced to a whisper.

Eventually resources were reduced to hope and rocks.

The mission types have been reduced to extreme missions.

Prison life also is reduced to mechanical behavior.