Redound in a sentence

Definition of Redound

to improve; contribute to (good or bad) ; bring

Use Redound in a sentence

If the manager can solve some problems, it certainly will redound to her credit.

His return has certainly not redounded to our credit.

The boy’s brave deeds redound to his credit.

Chronic stress in one’s living environment redounds to weakened immune system functioning.

Disarmament at the regional level can redound to the benefit of Gulf countries.

Improved relations with Russia could only redound to the benefit of our tourism industry.

Any help you can give us during these bad days will definitely redound to your credit.

His humanly efforts to save the victims would redound to his honor.

The shift of independents away from the Democrats does not necessarily redound fully to the Republicans advantage.

Mr. Obama knew that the Showdown at Shutdown Gulch redounded to his benefit, at least in the short term.