recycle in a sentence

Portable applications may or may not recycle the abrasive .

Much of this was then recycled to MPs through careful abridgement of the evidence given to parliamentary committees.

We have started to recycle newspapers.

Find someone who recycles at home.

There is a big movement today to recycle trash.

We should be more careful to recycle more trash.

You know this textbook is made of recycled paper.

Do you know where I can recycle plastic bottles in this area?
Discussion question: Do you recycle anything at home? What is it?
Nearly 65 percent of America’s aluminum cans are recycled.

You can recycle scrap metal at a place on Hillside Avenue.

Don’t throw that tin foil in the garbage, it can be recycled.

Only 1% of the plastics used in the United States are recycled.

Did you know that fleece jackets are made out of recycled plastic bottles?
There is a stack of newspapers in the hall that need to be recycled.

Someone once noted that one thing you cannot recycle is wasted time.

recycled glass can be crushed, and used in a mixture for paving roads.

Aluminum, glass, and paper are the three materials most easy to recycle.

You can recycle various materials instead of putting them in the garbage can.

A lot of the glass that is recycled here is ground up, and used to build roads.

To save a typical tree, a stack of newspapers about 5 feet high must be recycled.