Recurrent in a sentence

Definition of Recurrent

happening again or recurring several times

Use Recurrent in a sentence

A patient, Joan, came into psychotherapy with a recurrent fear of death.

The nation of Botswana has recurrent droughts which make agriculture difficult.

I’ve had a very disturbing, recurrent nightmare since I lost my job.

The economy of Yemen has been harmed by recurrent declines in oil prices.

He endured recurrent periods of malaria.

The evolution of the family relationships is a recurrent theme in the novel.

Despite her recurrent assertions that she was innocent, everyone was sure she was guilty.

If you read a series of texts on a related topic, you will be exposed to vocabulary which is recurrent frequently.

A migraine is a recurrent, frequently incapacitating type of headache characterized by intense pain.

The recurrent question “Does tea help you lose weight and prevent and cure illnesses?” often makes tea seem more like a medicine.