recuperate in a sentence

The raid never happened, but Akram and about 24 others too weak to move were found by local Muslims and taken to a mosque to recuperate.

Rin moves into Kazuma’s house to recuperate.

Scarlett goes to Tara to recuperate with Wade and Ella.

The book concludes with Valentine returning to the Ozarks to recuperate.

It took him months to regain his memory, and a year to fully recuperate.

In January 1937 Krivoshein was recalled to the Soviet Union to recuperate.

Moira Lattern takes son Oliver to a holiday home to recuperate after an illness.

O’Brien suffered a health breakdown in April, and retired to Italy to recuperate.

River River is a famous racehorse that comes to Horseland to recuperate from an injury.

He went back to Argentina to be operated on by the National team doctor and recuperate.

She needed just 6 months to recuperate, and her back has not given her any trouble since.

After the war the local population, largely depleted during the war, started to recuperate.

She resigned the position in the early 1880’s in order to recuperate from a serious illness.

It was here that professional and business women could come to rest and recuperate after illness.

Reversal of fortunes The wound in Luck’s leg had become infected, and he was sent to Germany to recuperate.

He eventually returns to New Zealand to recuperate from an injury, and a romance between him and Anne blossoms.

The first scene of the film is shown again, as Daredevil enters the church, intending to recuperate and recover his strength.

507620 Their relationship added an abiding love for France and attachment to Europe to his life, where he often retired to recuperate.