Recruit in a sentence

Definition of Recruit

to find new people to join something such as organisation, job, party, company and etc.

Use Recruit in a sentence

Many large companies go to the university at graduation time in an effort to recruit the best of the new graduates.

I’m going to see if I can recruit some friends to help us move all our stuff over to our new apartment.

The military is trying to recruit more individuals into the forces.

The office recruited translators who spoke Japanese,

Part of a financial consultant’s job is to recruit people interested in pursuing a financial career.

Five teachers were recruited to participate, including three social studies teachers, one science teacher, and one language arts teacher.

I recruited two of my friends to help me clean the house.

That’s the pool of applicants from which they recruit.

You don’t win championships without good kids. I want to recruit high-character kids who are also very talented basketball players.

Daniel isn’t affiliated with a gang, but gang members have tried to recruit him because of his large size; the teenager stands nearly six feet tall.