Recreant in a sentence

Definition of Recreant

unfaithful ; cowardly

Use Recreant in a sentence

The other kid called him a recreant for refusing to fight.

Hitting the other guy from behind was a particularly recreant act.

Ted is so recreant that he would never complain to the boss about anything.

The king escaped after losing the battle and this made him appear a recreant and a coward before the world.

He felt like a recreant when he ran out of the burning house and left his friend behind.

Being called recreant caused her a great deal of pain.

That’s me, the recreant, unable to screw up his courage and find out the truth.

With all his boasting, he is a recreant.

The soldier was tagged as a recreant after he surrendered himself to the enemy.

Orestes plotted with his sister Electra to punish their mother for being recreant to their father, Agamemnon.