recognizable in a sentence

The neo-nazi youth were instantly recognizable due to their shaven heads.

There are certain gestures, such as a smile, which are universally recognizable.

Our new logo should help us to maintain a more easily recognizable corporate identity.

The character of Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable figures in English literature.

The maintenance of an ethnic culture is supported when the community occupies a recognizable territory.

Yousef wasn’t even recognizable after his car accident.

He had two black eyes, his head was shaved because he had to get stitches, and his nose was broken and all swollen.recognizable as Sullivan races in Toronto.

Shown above are four of Nigerian film’s most recognizable faces.

An ash-coated plane engine and propeller were the only recognizable pieces.

Charlie Woerner is easily the most recognizable name on the Wildcat roster.

When you step inside, it’s instantly recognizable as an Apple Store.

The instantly recognizable bass line echoes humanity’s collective heartbeat.

The state Legislature is slowly but surely growing into something unrecognizable.

The Square card reader has been one of the most recognizable parts of the startup.

Thanks to his black turban and long beard, he is easily recognizable as a jihadist.

This is the time to give your app a new name by giving it an easily recognizable name.

Legendary actor Max von Sydow was almost unrecognizable as the evil Ming the Merciless.

So please have a clear recognizable recent photograph of you and a solid of bio of who you are.

But it’s going to be instantly recognizable to anyone who plays on a PlayStation console.

The beloved ballad became an instantly recognizable cornerstone of Disney’s entertainment legacy.

‘His face was unrecognizable‘ Chaos at ‘Disco Demolition Night’ What did Bourdain learn in Paraguay?