recipient || in a sentence

The recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be announced tomorrow.

More than 60 percent of all recipients of organ donations are between the ages of 18 and 49.

When people first started sending letters in Britain, it was the recipient who paid the postage.

Messages sent by e-mail are sometimes misinterpreted because the recipient can’t always be sure of the tone of the speaker.

A mailbag from a single sender addressed to one recipient, as the name suggests, is for delivering a bag of printed matter.

UCSF has hardly been the largest-scale recipient of Feeney’s largesse.

The photos and videos disappear seconds after the recipient views them.

Broadcaster Dave Niehaus was the 2008 recipient of the Ford Frick Award.

The recipient of the seizure response dog cannot be a parent or caregiver.

She recently ended an engagement to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

160150 Choose your favorite or a cause close to the heart of the recipient.

He simply takes an audience-neutral-selfie and selects multiple recipients.

Our second scholarship recipient from Perryton High School is Zachary Bietz.

Congrats to Maor from Vincent Massey the recipient of the Johnson Heart Award.

Some Medicare recipients could see their premiums jump by as much as 50 percent.

They say the letter was sent back to them as having been refused by the recipient.

Award recipients of all backgrounds often go on to exceed expectations in college.

In 2014, Bacchus was also the recipient of the Wine Spectator Award Of Excellence.