reading speed in a sentence

The average reading speed is approximately 200 words per minute.

The average adult reading speed is about 250 words per minute.

Research shows a proportional relationship between reading speed and comprehension.

Each reader had a reading speed of 75 characters per second.

This paragraph is optional depending on the reading speed .

Unfortunately, these techniques also slow reading speed .

reading speed requires a long time to reach adult levels.

Do you vary your reading speed and method accordingly?

I like the scrolling function which helps develop reading speed .

Improve your reading speed by at least 33 %.

The Kindle Keyboard only has 3 reading speeds .

As their reading speed increases, so does the excitement!

Adjust your reading speed and method accordingly.

reading speed is optimal when uppercase and lowercase letters are used.

This slows down our reading speed .

Inappropriate: Susan will improve her decoding skills and reading speed .

This habit can slow your reading speed to a snail’s pace.

I was way ahead of my peers in reading speed and comprehension.

Could it increase her reading speed ?