rationality in a sentence

Carl Jung used the term for the masculine principle of rationality.

If man is a rational animal, then rationality is not a property of animals.

rationality and clear-mindedness allow one to live in harmony with the logos.

When the narrator questions the man he mouths words with seeming rationality and intent.

Hamilton-Parker says his psychic powers have been “proven to me against my rationality”.

The reasoning and rationality of the Babylonians developed beyond empirical observation.

The tale follows the theme of the doppelgänger and is written in a style based on rationality.

Religious democracy falls within the framework of modern rationality and has identifiable elements.

Fragments from Celsus’ lost True Discourse Ignorance, Irrationality, and Superstition – Bk. III, ch.

He is also a member of the Center for the Study of rationality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

rationality will be myopic without the new possibilies for action and belief disclosed by imagination.

Science, in the novel, plays the role of a calming constant, the last remnant of rationality in a world of chaos.

Instrumental rationality is within the intersection of all theories of rationality, “and perhaps nothing else is”.

Instead, they proposed that any decision would be sub-optimum due to the bounded rationality of the decision-maker.

Yet most of his attack is directed against the common conception of rationality, which he believes is badly flawed.

A broader definition is that rationality is a disposition expressed in behaviour for which good reasons can be given.

Yet Habermas argues that it does not then follow that an empirically tested theory of rationality could not be universal.

The early lyrics critique the materialism and irrationality of contemporary culture with irony, sarcasm, and biting humor.