rapper in a sentence

Before his death in 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur had been arrested a number of times for crimes including assault and sex abuse.

In 1994, rapper Tupac Shakur pleaded guilty to an assault charge for trying to hit a fellow rapper with a baseball bat at a concert.

My grandsons found it hilarious that their Papa Bud had become a rapper.

577823 Racism is something I will not tolerate, the Atlanta rapper wrote.”

347714 In 2012, he had an altercation with rapper Drake at a New York club.

Do Drake’s lyrics explain the rapper‘s silence on Muzik nightclub shootings?

The German rapper had left his home in Berlin to join the jihadists in 2012.

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is slated to headline Ottawa Bluesfest in 2015.

The rapper said he likes working with Timbaland because they push each other.

The rapper and music mogul was arrested on assault charges at UCLA on Monday.

Aspiring rapper Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr. was mortally wounded in the Maserati.

The rapper famously grabbed the singer’s mic at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

rapper Sean Price, seen here in 2012, rose to fame as a member of Heltah Skeltah.

Let’s be clear, Makonnen Sheran is not a great rapper and probably never will be.

The rapper is also featured on the song Amen by Strawberry Mansion alum Meek Mill.

The rapper has had trouble with fans getting on stage before, a rep told Billboard.

This entrepreneur is the first rapper to turn his headphones into a fitness tracker.

Then there’s Chicagoan R. Kelly on “Put the Guns Down,” featuring singer/rapper Tink.

The rapper is a celebrity ambassador for the schools overseen by the SLAM Foundation.

In an interview in 2012, the rapper said he had been smoking it for over two decades.

Upcoming shows include a 90s cover band called White Ford Bronco and rapper Tech N9ne.