rampant in a senre

Fiscal austerity is considered to be an answer to the rampant inflation.

The prevalence of abuse is so rampant, it is no longer news in itself.

A major AP investigation says slave-like conditions are rampant in the industry.

Books, where the self should most be quiet, are where it’s currently most rampant.

It’s become so rampant that there’s a new epidemic: Hackers are stealing tax refunds.

rampant police brutality that has affected and demoralized too many Black communities.

A risk that remains as long as unprotected sex, and STD’s run rampant among our youth.

The number is down from its 2005 total of 440, a decline attributed to rampant poaching.

It’s past time we turned a page from the rampant impunity with which wars are fought today.

That’s despite the fact that the epidemic has been rampant in West Africa for almost a year.

Telling positive stories can be daunting when they are so rampantly juxtaposed by negative ones.

Northern Ireland’s “Troubles” haven’t entirely disappeared but rampant terrorism there is no longer.