raise money in a sentence

They auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS.

A number of celebrities auctioned off personal items to raise money for the victims of the terrorist attacks.

The concert was a benefit to raise money for a young boy who had to have an expensive operation.

An enterprising group of local high school students has set up a business to raise money for their graduation party.

A statue dedicated to Terry Fox was erected at Thunder Bay, where the young man had to stop his cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer.

A number of legendary rock bands have joined together to perform at a gig to raise money for victims of the earthquake.

Dutch immigrants used lotteries to raise money for New York’s poor as early as 1655.

In March of 1986, more than 6,000 radio stations in the U.


played the song “We are the World” simultaneously in an effort to raise money for an African famine relief project.

Would you like to sponsor me for the skate-a-thon to raise money for flood victims in Venezuela?

Would you like to sponsor me in a run to raise money for cancer research?

An attempt to raise money by posing for a calendar came to nothing.

Malay has started crowdfunding online to raise money for the surgery.

638152 Some try to raise money, but that can be depressing and futile.

The car wash business is the latest to join the effort to raise money.

629716 So, back again to the mantra, Bootstrap First, raise money Later.

Why was everyone so gung-ho to raise money for research then but not now?

818740 The VEX coordinators have turned to GoFundMe.com to help raise money.

He is working hard to raise money, said Sen. Roger Wicker, chairman of the NRSC.

Rolando creates all sorts of cool things to sell on Etsy to raise money for school.

To help raise money for the fund, the Soroptimist’s host the PinkSox RunWalk To Live.

“What you have done is you have limited opportunities for the parties to raise money.

The association held a fundraiser on March 5, and sold tickets on items to raise money.