racehorse in a sentence

Martin Wygod, a prominent racehorse breeder, said the landscape had hardly changed since he and his wife moved here two decades ago.

Sports journalist Graeme Joffe, who co-owned a racehorse called Tiger Canyon with Pistorius and three others, first met him 13 years ago.

Whippets have been called a “poor man’s racehorse.”

Lindsay indulged his interest in horse racing by becoming a racehorse breeder.

River River is a famous racehorse that comes to Horseland to recuperate from an injury.

racehorse, despite being badly damaged in her masts and rigging, reportedly suffered no casualties.

They took up racehorse driving as a hobby and continued to farm, but it was still their music that defined them.

Another characteristic of Mecklenburg breeding is the early involvement with the English Thoroughbred racehorse.

Dignity and know-how: Appaloosa racehorse trainers, breeders, owners and jockeys enter the permanent halls of history.

Phifer Track Talk p. 26 The size of the horse is one consideration for buyers and trainers when choosing a potential racehorse.

That is how I heard father rode his races, like a racehorse never swaying or losing rhythm and balance, with a strong final surge.

Alec finds the stallion in the barn of Henry Dailey, a retired racehorse jockey, who apparently spent all night catching the Black.