quarterback in a sentence

Their motto was to “meet at the quarterback.”

Harrington then took the reins as quarterback.

“Byron Leftwich is a real special quarterback.

BJ Coleman is the third quarterback on the roster.

McDaniels insisted that Cutler is their quarterback.

Chad Henne replaced him as the starting quarterback.

The all-time leading sacker with 200 quarterback sacks.

quarterback Scott Schaffner was awarded the Paul Giel Award.

He was also sacked 516 times, more than any other quarterback.

The Clements-Holloway quarterback combination would be no more.

A versatile player, he played both wide receiver and quarterback.

In 1998, they drafted quarterback Peyton Manning to lead the team.

Each quarterback was talented enough to start and each was mobile.

Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson was 17 of 25 for 189 yards.

quarterback Allen Webb was 10-12 for 256 yards and two touchdowns.

He left the game and was replaced by backup quarterback Dave Meyer.

Hawaii used three quarterbacks, all of whom threw for interceptions.

The Dolphins also totaled 14 quarterbacks sacks during the preseason.

Emerged as the Wildcats’ No. 2 quarterback toward the end of the season.

It stars former NFL superstar quarterback Terry Bradshaw as a commentator.

Ray would have to start the season as the Eskimos’ third-string quarterback.

49ers quarterback Steve Young threw a Super Bowl record six touchdown passes.

2009 Season 2009 starting quarterback Nathan Jones attempts a pass vs Johnson.

Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback Jim Sorgi was among those who auditioned.

All-American quarterback Anderson played quarterback for Colgate from 1914-1916.

During the 1980 Holy War, BYU quarterback Jim McMahon helped engineer a blowout.

The Deacons won the game 20-10, but had to make a decision on their quarterback.

quarterback Carson Palmer ripped the label off the jersey to reveal the usual “C.

Oregon State quickly scored on a 34-yard scamper by their quarterback, Ed Singler.