quantum in a sentence

quantum particle swarm optimization is another approach.

It is best understood within quantum mechanics.

A more general category is quantum field theory.

Many transitions involving electromagnetic radiation are strictly forbidden under quantum mechanics.

The sensors are designed using quantum physics.

These methods are called quantum chemistry composite methods.

One especially topical application is quantum measurement .

What is classically inconceivable is quantum mechanically inescapable.

It is a real * quantum * event.

The principal quantum number n determines the energy.

quantum field theory provides especially fertile ground for such speculation.

Using cluster states in optical quantum computing.

There are rotational matrices for each spin quantum number.

How is quantum fiction different from science fiction?

Both viewpoints are used in quantum theory.

An isolated quantum system is an idealized theoretical entity.

The method consists of building quantum dots using aluminum islands.

The formulation is loosely based on quantum game theory.

Hilbert spaces are very important for quantum theory.

A minimum blood quantum is not required.