quadratic in a sentence

He also considered simultaneous quadratic equations.

Real life light sources experience quadratic falloff.

Differential calculus is used in solving quadratic equations.

Prime modulus Modulo 2, every integer is a quadratic residue.

Let A be the matrix of the quadratic form q in a given basis.

If the second derivative is not 0 at ? then the convergence is merely quadratic.

This is less than the 2 times as many which would be required for quadratic convergence.

The adjective “quadratic” can be dropped if the context makes it clear that it is implied.

The fact that this is a quartic invariant, rather than quadratic, has an important consequence.

No second derivative If there is no second derivative at the root, then convergence may fail to be quadratic.

For instance, a coherent state describes the oscillating motion of the particle in a quadratic potential well.

The probability itself is quadratic in the fields and consequently is also quadratic in the quantum state of the photon.

Note that the space of quadratic forms is a quotient of the space of bilinear forms, while symmetric forms are a subspace.