Put on clothes in a sentence

They recognized us because we put on clothes they arranged for us.

Everything was an effort, even brushing my hair and putting on clothes .

Allow skin a little bit of time to air-dry before putting on clothes .

It keeps us from enjoying ordinary things, like putting on clothes or crossing parking lots.

In fact I think it a ruse not to have put on clothes whilst appearing clever .

Did they stop beating themselves in the face to put on clothes and shower that day?

When I put on clothes in the morning, are they to assure myself I’m okay looking?

Justin puts on clothes and Kristen’s sunglasses before heading to a local bar to get some lady attention.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that and not worry about putting on clothes just to run an errand?

Can we then blame them, in retrospect, for putting on clothes , stopping cultural activities that were tied to the demonic?

At a department store, she isn’t shy about letting her breasts out, putting on clothes outside, and fingering herself in the shoe fitting area!

If we can’t be speedy and productive, if something as simple as putting on clothes takes all of our attention and focus, we must find our home in the activity itself as its goal recedes into the future.

He has to relearn it stage by stage, building up his awareness through experience, in much the same way as a child learns about putting on clothes by himself.