public transport in a sentence

There are 31 public transport route, submitted by taxis and buses.

There are some public transport service to go this place on a regular interval from KallidaiKurichi, the nearby town.

There is a good network of public transport which connects the villages to the towns of the district.

There is no better or clearer example of this than the city-state’s approach to public transport.

There is no scheduled public transport but accommodation providers are normally able to arrange transport.

These buses are the next step in the development of hydrogen, fuelcells and electric drive for use in public transport.

These citizens travel the city via the many public transport routes available, rarely stopping.

They too strapped explosive-laden backpacks to their torsos and took to public transport.

Town public transport services The firm of CeBus runs eight bus lines around the town.

Trams, buses and boats Bordeaux has an important public transport system called Tram et Bus de la CUB (TBC).

Transport Cars and vans In Cabimas there are no public transport bus routes.

Transport East St Kilda is served by several forms of public transport.

Transport public transport from Earnock Estate is accessed from Wellhall Road.

Transport public transport in the region includes trains, buses, ferries and light rail.

Transport There are multiple forms of public transport, including the public bus.

Founded on on 1 April 2003, Sewta works in close liaison with partners representing public transport operators.

As of 2005, no private Palestinian cars where permitted on the road although public transport was still allowed.

Official regular passenger service, as part of Berlin’s integrated public transport system, started in July 1991.