public debate in a sentence

We ‘re already in public debate here!

The public debate , however, continues.

It must incorporate participatory budgeting norms and public debate through open meetings .

It is said that he never lost a public debate .

This public debate continued well into early December 2001.

Since then a public debate concerning its future has continued.

The possible amnesty will add to the heated public debate .

The case aroused great public debate in Britain and abroad.

This conference made recommendations that set the terms of public debate .

The law is currently in a stage of public debate .

He has frequently participated in public debates on science and society.

Yet there is very little public debate about these crucial issues.

It ‘s more important that public debate should be properly informed.

The public debate over the referendum has been healthy and spirited.

public debate would at least help improve this preamble.

They definitely did not want a public debate .

Others may prefer protecting scientific investigations from interference stemming from public debate .

He believes this may spur public debate concerning his whistleblowing activities .

Excessive špork death is an public debate in teaching database methadone.